Problem Solving 101 with Henry Lau

At Artech House, we ask our authors what problems their books can help readers solve. In this series, we share what our authors aim to do in their writing. Read on to find out what Henry Lau, who wrote Practical Antenna Design for Wireless Products, had to say:

What are some problems your book can help readers solve?

  • The book is a comprehensive design guide or cookbook covering from antenna fundamentals to practical implementation strategies so the reader can use this book to design antennas with optimum performance in actual products and systems.
  • Engineers can get an overview on commercial antenna design and simulation tools available on the market so they could make the right decision to purchase the right tool for their designs. They can also use the demo software to get familiar with what electromagnetic simulation tool can do. Some hands-on practical experience can be gained with the software on antenna modeling and simulation.
  • Practical implementation strategies in products and systems will be addressed so readers can design antennas in the context of actual product environments i.e. PCB layout, component placement and casing design. Practical design examples on wearable electronic products are presented to readers with a systematic approach to designing antennas for actual products.
  • The book is written to help antenna engineers in bridging the gap between electromagnetic theory and its application in the design of practical antennas in real products.

Please name the audiences at which this book is aimed. How will this audience use your book?

  • Undergraduate Students: the book offers a comprehensive knowledge covering from basic antenna principles to advanced antenna designs to equip the undergraduate students for their final year projects on antenna design.
  • Graduate Students: they can use the book as a reference guide to do further research and development on advanced antennas for wearable products or advanced systems.
  • University Professors: they can use the book to teach both undergraduate and graduate students
  • Practicing Engineers:  antenna design engineers can benefit from the book as it provides both design procedures and strategies on designing good antennas in the context of actual product environments. Both PCB and RF System engineers can apply the design knowledge and techniques offered by the book to develop wireless products with the best RF performance.

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