Behind the Scenes with Richard Hoad

Richard Hoad, who, along with D.V. Giri and Frank Sabath, wrote High-Power Electromagnetic Effects on Electronic Systems, gave us a behind the scenes look at how their book came together:

I remember when Dave Giri approached Frank Sabath and I about the idea of writing a book on HPEM effects. We were at a drinks reception at the ASIAEM 2017 conference in Bengaluru, India. I remember distinctly that it felt very natural to say yes to the idea. All three of us were and indeed still are very active in research on HPEM interaction and effects. It is a really broad topic and there is still a lot to do to clarify the fundamental mechanisms that drive effects. There are a lot of discrete published papers that describe HPEM interaction and effects on widget A or widget but no one had thought to compile the collected learning into a book.

Of course I had little idea of the work involved and it was difficult to juggle writing the book with our work commitments and commitments to our families but that is now water under the bridge. Dave knew because he had written books before. My hope is that the book will be help to accelerate the learning of a new generation of engineers and scientists so they can leap forward from the foundation we have laid. I must remark that there are already things that need fixing in the book and I can imagine an Edition 2.0 will be needed to tidy it up and address the inevitable gaps in knowledge.

In all, for me personally it has been a very worthwhile and rewarding activity. I hope our readership find value in the book and perhaps even identify what needs to be added!

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