An Interview with Prutha Kulkarni

In this interview, we talk to Prutha Kulkarni, author of the book, Antennas for IoT. We discuss the motivation behind writing the book, the target audience, the most useful aspects of the book, the challenges of writing the book, and advice for other engineers who are considering writing a book. 

Dr. Prutha P. Kulkarni is an accomplished Assistant Professor in the field of antennas and metamaterials for IoT applications. She completed her Ph.D. in Information and Communication Engineering, specializing in the Miniaturization of LP and CP Antennas from Anna University in Chennai in 2023. She completed her M.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pune Institute of Computer Technology in 2013, and her B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication from Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology in Pune, Maharashtra, India in 2008. 

1.What was your main motivation behind writing your book?  

I’ve been working as a professor in wave theory and antennas for more than ten years now. I’ve already had three wireless communication books published. So I’m quite clear on how to properly communicate with the audience about specific themes. I am also conscious of the audience’s possible queries and inquiries after learning the subject, some principles, and applications of the issue. My publications have appeared in reputable journals and conferences, but they are limited to a single application in a certain band of communication, despite the fact that I have worked on numerous of them. So, as a communication engineer, if I understand antennas, I should be aware of more than just antennas. It should be possible to deploy, develop, and show its behavior in a wirelessly connected environment. The Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything necessitate an understanding of antennas as a whole in the context described above. So, there could not have been a better way to cover all of this than to write a book!   

 2. Who is the main target audience for your book and what will they appreciate the most about the book? 

Industry professionals, academia and researchers will all benefit from the proposed book. Understanding the basic design, applicability and any its place in the IoT environment improves the chances of using the perfect design for the intended application. The book thus will showcase the same.

 3. What do you see your book being most useful for? 

This book is ideal for engineers designing devices that will have the capability to communicate with others or to communicate with a central device to do diagnostics and check performance. It looks at specific environments like smart cities and security, always focusing on antenna as the pivotal element in the system. The proposed book will also discuss the current designs used in industry. Comparative study, antenna performance measurement and improvement techniques are thoroughly discussed. 

4. How did you find the writing of the book? Do you have a specific process or are you quite methodical in your writing approach? 

The writing of the book was a daunting task indeed as it included statistical data understanding of the current scenario of Wireless environment. Mentioning active examples supporting theory made the job much more challenging. An initial plan of the approach with industry and academia and then self-understanding to define the content helped phrasing the chapters effectively.   

5. What challenges did you face when writing the book and how did you overcome them? 

 Giving the maximum content in the state of art technology and applications was a major challenge and demanded extended and deep study. Again, mentioning the basics related to the in use cases required hours of long preparations. Along with being an academician, which demanded so many administrative and teaching responsibilities, I had to add extra hours per day and weekends to match the self-assured quality of the content. The support of friends and family in this journey was incredible and it would not have been possible to sail through this tough job that easily!!! 

6. What advice would you give to other engineers who are considering writing a book? 

One can surely go for writing if he/she has the ability to communicate effectively through writing. Presenting our ideas in written form can surely impact, help and motivate readers for exploring new horizons.

7. What are you working on next? 

I am working on a book “Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards – A new normal in Radiation”. Have a proposal accepted from a publication house. But if Artech House again approaches me, then I would surely prefer as have worked with them. They understand the author very well along with being extremely professional. The support provided by them is just what is needed for an author.   



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