Exclusive Online course with Dr. Artem Saakian


Our author Dr. Artem Saakian welcomes and addresses the readers of his textbook “Radio Wave Propagation Fundamentals “, 2nd edition*, and all students or specialists interested in modern radiophysics. 

His exclusive online series of lectures is based on his widely praised book. Take a look at the lecture materials and register for the course here *. 

Both the book and the course will help engineers master the necessary theoretical, mathematically validated approach to the issues of radio wave propagation. As a reader of the book or a student of the course, you will form skills in analyzing the operation of radio links, choosing antennas, frequency bands and more. Dr. Saakian will help all interested parties learn more about the development and design of the RF data transmission links.  

 *  US –> https://us.artechhouse.com/Radio-Wave-Propagation-Fundamentals-Second-Edition-P2169.aspx  

UK –> https://uk.artechhouse.com/Radio-Wave-Propagation-Fundamentals-Second-Edition-P2128.aspx 


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