The Power of Endorsements with Mani Vadari

Endorsements not only help readers get a better idea of what to expect from a book, but it strengthens our Artech House community in the spirit of collaboration. Read on to see what experts have to say about Mani Vadari’s latest book, Electric Systems Operations: Evolving to the Modern Grid, Second Edition:

“Electric System Operations: Evolving to the Modern Grid second edition is an essential “go-to” resource for business professionals, students, and anyone seeking foundational knowledge into the key workings of electric utility system operations.  Dr. Vadari brings his deep experience, next-gen energy system thought leadership, and practical perspective to this well written and easy to understand reference. Vadari’s holistic perspective on today and tomorrow’s utility system operations highlights the interdependencies, implications, and opportunities for an energy industry that is simultaneously committed to safety, reliability, and great service while also transforming through clean energy technology, new capabilities, service offerings and business models.”

Booga Gilbertson, Senior Vice President of Operations, Puget Sound Energy

“Dr. Mani Vadari is one of the foremost experts in systems operations. In this book, Dr. Vadari manages to take a complex and technical topic and break it down in a clear, plain English guide for anyone wanting to enhance their knowledge of the space. The topic of systems operations has become central to utilities’ grid modernization journeys as companies seek to integrate distributed renewable energy sources and more effectively address the effects of devastating weather events. Most utilities have embarked on a journey to implement new distribution management systems, outage management systems, grid automation solutions, and this book provides a foundational body of knowledge to any executive wanting to better understand how systems operations are evolving in the context of a modern, more complex grid.”

Jack E. Azagury, Senior Managing Director, resources industry lead, Accenture

“In these exciting times of Smarter Grids and Grid Modernization, it is rare to see a single book that can articulate how that excitement translates into actual utility operations.  I consider this newest addition of Dr. Vadari’s book an essential read for those facing the onslaught of grid modernization initiatives. It thoughtfully takes a step back, building the broader picture of how utility operations evolved over time, then fills in the details using people, process, systems and business operations dimensions so that the picture is more highly defined, and finally introduces the implications of newer subjects like DERMS and Microgrids.  I’ve appreciated the opportunity to work with Dr Vadari over the decades and how he always uses real world examples to bring his thoughts and books to life.”

Mike Piechowski, Managing Director – Deloitte Consulting LLP

“Another must-read from Dr. Vadari, who is an authority in the grid modernization space. A thought-provoking, insightful, and forward-looking perspective into the future of the utility industry.  The case studies presented in this edition is a key improvement from the prior version.  This book is a good resource for utility practitioners, academics, and others interested in learning more about the utility industry transformation we are currently undergoing.”

Omar Al-Juburi, Partner – Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP

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