Author spotlight: Alberto Sendin is raising the profile of the telecoms department at Utility Telecoms 2020

We are delighted to support our author Alberto Sendin at the 3rd annual Utility Telecoms 2020 event, which takes place in Amsterdam between 25 – 27 February 2020. This techno-commercial meeting is designed specifically to address the information needs of utility telecom professionals.

Telecommunications Project Manager Alberto Sendin, author of  ‘Telecommunication Networks for the Smart Grid’ will be speaking about how to accelerate the roll out of advanced telecom networks across all grid domains.

Recent utility research carried out by Smart Grid Forums indicates that the pressure is on for European utilities to develop their roadmaps amidst the transition from TDM to PSN technologies. There is now real urgency for utilities to raise the profile of the telecoms department on the organisational agenda to more powerfully drive the migration to MPLS networks and maximise security, reliability and visibility. With a broad and diverse range of utility telecom tools and technologies already on the market, as well the testing of new solutions on the horizon, the time to make key technology procurement choices is now.

As the grid modernises, the design of utility telecom networks needs to be fully scrutinised and reconsidered, particularly within low voltage distribution networks. “The pace of progress has been slow within the utility telecom environment to date, with only a few utilities leading the way in the migration to MPLS networks” explains Marcella Cilia, Conference Producer at Smart Grid Forums, the organisers of Utility Telecoms 2020. “The initial difficulty lies in the selection process of the telecom technologies, but with this comes a bigger challenge around understanding the complexities of implementing and operating these new technologies to support existing internal utility services such as teleprotection and telecontrol. As a result, this year’s programme has been created to address the strategic, application, implementation, and configuration issues that need to be considered before the MPLS transition is complete.”

Discussion topics include:

  • Telecom network refurbishment – establishing a robust framework to maximise lifecycles of legacy infrastructure whilst effectively integrating next generation IP-enabled technologies
  • System design – testing, configuring, and futureproofing systems and advanced utility telecom solutions to support the modernisation of the smart grid
  • System architecture – engineering traffic flows to effectively manage high volumes of data across medium to low voltage distribution networks
  • Advanced G networks – fully leveraging 5G capabilities within wireless communication infrastructures to ensure ultra-low latency and guaranteed levels of redundancy
  • Public carrier relationships – establishing greater trust between utilities and public telco providers to maintain high QoS and ensure utility needs are met
  • Cybersecurity – fully protecting telecom networks through advanced prevention and detection systems in alignment with telecom network transformations

View the full programme here.

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