Radio Communication Technologies with Fabio Cavaliere and Antonio D’Errico

Authors Fabio Cavaliere and Antonio D’Errico explain what they hope to share in the writing of their book,¬†Photonic Applications for Radio Systems Networks:

What is the author aim?

What prompted authors to write this book is to help people to gain basic complementary skills in both optics and radio communication technologies.

The book intends, on one hand, to provide optical engineers at universities, or working in operators or service provides companies, telco equipment industries, or research institutes, with practical design guidelines for the new generation mobile transport architecture.

On the other hand, often who is expert in wireless communications is not aware of the many possibilities offered by photonics, such as optical beamforming and optical processing of radio carriers, which are appealing techniques when moving to millimeter waves, where electronics start suffering from bandwidth limitations.

Finally, the goal of the book is to provide engineers, professional and researchers with practical system design rules and guidelines, from application scenarios to end up with the needed enabling technologies.

The book is accessible to people with different technical background and with graduate skill level.

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