Problem Solving 101 with Mohinder Jankiraman

At Artech House, we ask our authors what problems their books can help readers solve. In this series, we share what our authors aim to do in their writing. Read on to find out what Mohinder Jankiraman, who wrote FMCW Radar Design had to say:

What are some problems your book can help readers solve?

  • How to design FMCW radars, bearing in mind the radar mission objectives.
  • A thorough understanding of Radio Frequency (RF) engineering as applicable to radars.
  • How to use Matlab software in solving FMCW radar design issues.
  • How to use software like SystemVue for RF designing.
  • Brings up the reader to such a level that he/she will be able to intelligently analyze FMCW radars of various types including missile seekers and missile altimeters.

What are the features of your book and the specific benefits a reader can expect to derive from those features?  

Feature: First book on usage of the software “SystemVue”.

Benefit: It makes the RF design of radars and radar design faster. This software has a lot of potential, if the users know how to use it. This book teaches this aspect.

Feature: A “step-by-step” design of radars.

Benefit: This makes for easier understanding. We study the radar specifications of the subject and then design the radar to match it.

Please name the audiences at which this book is aimed. How will this audience use your book?

  • Senior Algorithm Engineer: My book discusses the key radar algorithms and their implementation.
  • Radar Design Engineers: This book discusses the manner of designing modern radars, given the operational requirements expected of that radar. It guides the reader step-by-step in achieving these goals.
  • M. Tech/PhD students in radar: This book can function as a reference book for students. I believe that the conversational style of this book will go down well with the readership.

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