Problem Solving 101 with Mani Vadari

At Artech House, we ask our authors what problems their books can help readers solve. In this series, we share what our authors aim to do in their writing. Read on to see what Mani Vadari, who wrote Electric System Operations: Evolving to the Modern Grid, Second Edition, has to say about his book:

  Feature Benefit
1 The book presents a comprehensive system-level view of utility operations along the entire electric value chain. The reader will have a very thorough understanding of all the systems involved in each segment of the value chain: generation, transmission, distribution, and retail. This deep understanding will enable utility engineers and managers to determine the efficiencies that can be gained by integrating the systems across the various departments of the utility.
2 The book presents the convergence of the systems used in the grid operations of today and the emerging needs of distributed energy resources operations of tomorrow. The reader will obtain a true sense of the changes associated with the Smart Grid and therefore the imperative for today’s systems to evolve to accommodate the plethora of data already coming in from smart devices and sensors in the field.
3 The book presents a detailed architectural view of the all systems. It discusses how all the systems and data come together to aid the system operator in controlling and commanding the grid. The reader will obtain a true appreciation of the complexity of operating the grid in a safe, secure, and reliable manner. It will emphasize the need for a well-integrated, unified operations platform to enhance the situational awareness of the system operator.
4 The book provides a comprehensive coverage of the various aspects of a utility’s business and the history of its evolution. The reader will obtain a clear understanding of utility transformation from regulation, to deregulation, onto Smart Grid. The historical perspective will enable and enrich the reader’s understanding of the operational, non-operational, and rate-making aspects of the utility’s business.
5 This book also presents for the first time a detailed business view of system operations and how it delivers on the utility’s most important mandate of reliable and safe operations. Utility executives and others can use this to have a better appreciation of system operations and how they can take advantage of this key asset and improve their entire utility’s operations.
6 The book is chock full of case studies which provide information on actual implementations in utilities worldwide. The case studies allow the reader to get a better understanding of system implementations. These systems are complex and difficult to implement. The case studies allow utilities to avoid typical pitfalls and also learn from similar implementations at other utilities.

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