Smart Quantum from Space with Geoff Varrall

In the early 1980’s, the Italian kitchen appliance company Zanussi launched a new Jetsystem washing machine coupled to what was to become  one of the world’s most successful marketing campaigns – the ‘appliance of science’.

It rhymes and has a double meaning but the three words also convey a message that science has been applied to make a product and process (washing your socks) more effective and efficient.

In the same way that we have Pure Maths and Applied Maths, we have Pure Science and Applied Science though the boundaries between the two can be blurred.

Pure science is the pursuit of knowledge and understanding for its own sake. Applied science implies an expectation of economic gain and or social and environmental improvement.

In this month’s technology post we look at an area where pure scientific research offers the potential to transform the global financial industry.

Deep under a Swiss mountain, 2500 scientists and their support staff oversee the inner workings of the Large Hadron Collider, presently being made ready for a new programme of study on neutrino behaviour under extreme conditions.

Neutrinos are often described as ghost particles due to their ability to evade detection. As always in pure Science it helps to observe something in order to understand it. Understanding neutrino behaviour means that we stand a chance of finally understanding quantum mechanics and quantum behaviour. The applied outcome will be commercially viable quantum authentication and encryption systems including quantum networks deployed in low earth, medium earth and geostationary orbits

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