EW 105: Space Electronic Warfare with David Adamy

We are thrilled to publish the fifth installment of the bestselling EW 101 series by David L. Adamy in 2021. Read on for a description, in the author’s own words, of his latest book:

This book deals with the intersection of two subjects:  Satellites and Electronic Warfare (EW). It is intended for technical professionals who are knowledgeable in EW but have had no exposure to issues related to satellites and for those who are knowledgeable in satellites but have no exposure to EW.  It is also intended as an introduction for those new to both fields.

After tutorial chapters on spherical trigonometry, orbit mechanics and radio propagation (in the atmosphere and in space), the book explains the types of links associated with satellites.  Then it focuses on the electronic warfare aspects of satellites  and their missions.  There are four chapters in this part of the book.  One discusses the EW vulnerability of satellite links, another covers the time that a satellite can see a threat or target on the ground.  The next chapter covers the intercept of ground based transmissions.  The final chapter deals with the jamming of hostile receivers on the ground.    These four chapters use a common format.  First the situation is explained, then an example is given using reasonable numbers.  To avoid classified material, the parameters are not those of any specific system, threat or target.  However the way to intercept or jam hostile transmissions is explained generically.  The plan is: when you must later work a real-world problem, you can look up the real (classified) information available to you because of your clearance and need to know.   Then you can plug the real world information into the procedures described in this book to get real-world answers.

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