The Book and Beyond with Iván Vidal

The book “Multimedia Networking Technologies, Protocols, and Architectures” aims at providing telecommunications specialists, and professionals working with multimedia services, an in-depth and up-to-date coverage of the different technologies involved in the delivery of this type of services. The book has been written to also serve as a useful learning resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on multimedia networking.

After more than 10 years working in the field of multimedia networking, including teaching, research, engineering and standardization activities, the authors decided to create this unique practical resource, documenting and explaining in a single document the basic and advanced concepts behind multimedia networking. In this respect, the book describes the technical aspects of the main  solutions, technologies, and protocols that are used in practice by service providers and telecommunication operators to support networked multimedia services.

Additionally, a companion website for the book is now available:

This site provides the complementary material that is needed to follow the activities proposed in the book. In addition, it links to additional resources that may be valuable for students, instructors, and interested readers. These include theoretical questions, exercises, and practical activities, as well as their corresponding solutions. This is a live website. Hence, interested readers may check regularly the website for new posts and updated information regarding the book!

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