The Importance of Customer Feedback with Robert Frey

When purchasing a book, many potential customers rely on the good things people who have already read the book have to say. Rediscover a classic Artech House title, Successful Proposal Strategies for Small Businesses: Using Knowledge Management to Win Government, Private-Sector, and International Contracts, Sixth Edition, by Robert Frey, through the eyes of readers who enjoyed the book:

A must-own for proposal managers, proposal writers, and small business owners alike!

This book is extremely practical and includes many strategies that I have been able to use with great success in the creation of my own proposals! It is information-packed and includes concepts that you can immediately begin to use in the pursuit of new business. Dr. Frey provides a wealth of information and presents it in a direct and straightforward manner. I own the previous edition of this book (fifth edition), and I am glad I purchased the new edition since it contains a large amount of new and valuable information. As with the previous edition, even after completing my first read, I fully intend to continue to use it as my primary reference whenever I have specific proposal strategy questions.

Worth every penny

I am going into a MBA program following my undergrad and what I can say is that this book speaks to me in a practical way. To many business books inundate you with academia, but not this one. This book does not read like a text book in the least. For someone starting his MBA program I can grasp the concepts and strategies that Frey talks about. For anyone who works within a small business to win contracts from the government or international business this book is worth it. I hope you find it as beneficial as I do.

Great for small business owners!

This book is the bible for small business owners. If you want to know the rules to winning contracts and staying competitive then this is a must have.

The best resource for anyone leading or supporting proposals

We’ve been following Dr. Frey’s advice since 2008 and when the 6th Edition of Successful Proposal Strategies for Small Businesses came out, we bought and distributed multiple copies across the company. The book covers everything you need to be successful in the complicated Federal Government procurement environment.

I’ve been doing Federal proposals for over 20 years and I continue to rely on this book for advice and guidance. Just about every question I’ve had is covered in the book. We’ve had the good fortune of working with Dr. Frey to build out our proposal processes and assets as well as using him for must win proposals. This is the only proposal book I have on my desk and I use it regularly. As we educate and train the next generation of proposal writers and managers in our company, we highlight this book as the go-to resource for all things proposal related.

Great source and reference book for Federal proposals

Dr. Frey’s book provides very useful advice on all aspects of preparing and producing a winning response to a U.S. Federal Government Request for Proposal (RFP). While Federal RFPs follow a standard format with Sections L, proposal instructions, and Section M, evaluation factors, including a complete proposal example in the book would impractical, if not misleading, since each proposal must be tailored to address specific client’s requirements to be seriously considered for award. The guidance, processes, and templates in Dr. Frey’s book help greatly in developing content, including graphics, that transform evaluations of offerors’ solution from neutral to strengths and significant strengths necessary for contract award selection.

If winning government contracts is your goal, this book will show you how!

Best book on the market for small and mid-sized businesses who want to WIN government contracts! It’s about a lot more than winning proposals though. This book is also a practical guide to understanding how the federal procurement process works, what matters to government buyers, and how to structure your proposals to win in a competitive market. For companies preparing to graduate from the SBA 8(a) program, there’s a whole chapter dedicated to how you should be planning, positioning, and preparing for a successful transition. This book is an absolute must read!

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