Active and Passive Radar with Mateusz Malanowski

Now that we know what inspired him to write, it’s time to delve into what he actually wrote. Read on for a closer look at Signal Processing for Passive Bistatic Radar, straight from the author himself…

The book can be very useful for people who are starting their adventure with passive radar. I tried to show the similarities and differences between the active and passive radar. Therefore, if you are familiar with active radar, it should be relatively easy to grasp the features specific to passive radar. If you have no experience with radar at all, but you have basic knowledge of signal processing and physics, you should have no problem understanding most of the material.

The book covers the whole processing chain, from beamforming to Cartesian tracking. I showed practical approaches to the typical problems, such as clutter filtering. This includes providing ready-to-use mathematical formulas and algorithms, as well as presenting real-life examples. I hope that the reader will find it useful.

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