Inspiration and Habilitation with Mateusz Malanowski

We asked author Mateusz Malanowski what inspired him to write his book, Signal Processing for Passive Bistatic Radar. Here’s what he had to say…

Several years ago passive radar was a niche topic that hardly anyone in the radar community heard about. The situation has changed, as academia, industry and military understood the possibilities that passive radar provides. Nowadays there is at least one session on passive radar on most of radar conferences, and the topic is widely known and appreciated. I wanted to additionally facilitate the process of dissemination of passive radar technology by writing a book on the topic.

I had a lot of material prepared for my habilitation (habilitation is a degree awarded in Poland after PhD). It seemed like a relatively easy task to use for the book, but… it wasn’t.  The writing process was approximately 1.5 years of hard work. Despite the fact that my work at the university is closely related to the topic of the book, I had no time to write it during the working hours. For this reason, I had to write it mainly during evenings and holidays, which my wife was not particularly thrilled about.  Nevertheless, the writing process is very rewarding, especially when you can see the final result. I hope that the readers will like it.

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