Motivations and Microwave Solutions with Henry Lau

Henry Lau released his first book with Artech House in July 2019, Practical Antenna Design for Wireless Products. We asked Henry to let us know what motivated him to write. Read below for his insights…

I have been working on radio frequency and microwave solutions for many years covering from RF circuit, RF PCB and antenna designs. My entire career has been almost all about wireless technology. The biggest challenge to develop successful wireless products is to have a long communication range compared to the competitor’s while passing the compliance requirements on electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic compatibility (EMI/EMC). Those issues are related to the RF design, particularly on the antenna design. Given the importance of antenna design to the performance of wireless products, I decided to share my design experience on antennas to the industry by teaching RF-related courses about 10 years ago. Teaching has been fun and enjoyable to me but the number of students, engineers and managers who attended my courses were still limited. A few years ago,  Patrick Hindle, editor from Microwave Journal referred me to Artech House with the possibility of writing a book on antenna design. This posed a great opportunity for me to share my antenna design experience with a larger group of people. That was when the writing of the book started.

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