Model-Based Systems Engineering with Jose Fernandez and Carlos Hernandez

Jose Fernandez and Carlos Hernandez, authors of Practical Model-Based Systems Engineering in our Engineering Management series, took a moment to give us a deeper understanding of their book and why they wrote it:

Development of current technical systems in aerospace, process industry or robotics requires novel systems engineering practices. The modern Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach can help engineers and managers address the increasing complexity of the systems, the growing number and diversity of stakeholders and the numerous concerns that need to be considered during the system life cycle (maintainability, safety, security, resilience and others). However, these benefits come at the cost of an involved solution that presents multiple adoption challenges.

The book “Practical Model-Based Systems Engineering” is the result of decades of experience in Systems Engineering and MBSE that can benefit their engineering activities most. We present a simple and easy to adopt methodology that is based on the solid, well-known paradigm of functional architecture and provides a practical, flexible process to specify the system requirements of a new product or service, and synthesize from them a solution architecture using design heuristics and trade-off analysis.

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