Problem Solving 101 with Nader Anani

At Artech House, we ask our authors what problems their books can help readers solve. In this series, we share what our authors aim to do in their writing. Read on to see what Nader Anani, who wrote Renewable Energy Technologies and Resources, has to say about his book:

(1) Provides an appropriate background and brief account of global renewable energy resources, with emphases on photovoltaic systems which have been recently growing rapidly.

(2) The book explains the science that underpins the harvesting and harnessing of renewable energy resources in a simple and easy to follow style with ample references for further exploration.

(3) It considers the practical engineering, environmental and economic aspects of renewable energy conversion systems.

(4) The book is presented in a self-teach style with many numerical examples and problems to enhance understanding of the fundamental concepts.

(5) The book has been written for professionals and students without requiring an in-depth knowledge of mathematics and/or physics without degrading the fundamental principles.

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