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Reviews and endorsements are some of the best ways to increase awareness of a book within a community. Today we focus on some of the fantastic reviews our bestselling title, Anechoic Range Design For Electromagnetic Measurements, by Vince Rodriguez, has garnered since it’s release:

A great review from

I got a new book yesterday which I should like to call to attention:

Anechoic Range Design for Electromagnetic Measurements
Vince Rodriguez
Artech House 2019

The author received his doctorate at Ole’ Miss’ in the late 90’s and has been involved professionally with commercial range and RF absorber design since. The book is lavishly illustrated and covers antenna, EMC and RCS ranges as well as some other, more specialized ranges.

I also got a copy of “Electromagnetic Anechoic Chambers” by Leland H. Hemming, Wiley, 2002 in the same parcel. Rodriguez set out to write a successor to Hemming which includes the major work since 2002. I don’t have the expertise to judge how well he did, but I’m well pleased. He has a great deal to say about RF absorber design which is very useful if you are contemplating a DIY test range.

I’ve attached the derivation of the near field and far field boundaries from Rodriguez as an example. It is far better than the treatment in Balanis 4th ed or Stutzman and Thiele 3rd ed in laying out the mathematical logic of the traditional boundaries. To some that may not seem important, but my experience is that one really needs to understand the criteria underlying such conventions. This is particularly true if one is comparing CEM results to measured data and needs to make certain that the comparisons are valid.

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Two five-star reviews on Amazon, including one from fellow Artech House author Andy Harrison:

Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2020

Verified Purchase
This book is exactly what I needed. It covers many topics and each chapter is very well organized so they can be read independently. It is an excellent guide for both new and existing measurement ranges.
Andy Harrison

Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2019

Excellent text for specifying requirements for new ranges and analyzing existing ranges. This book covers a wide range of topics from Antenna Measurements, RF Absorbers and RF Shielding to Far-Field, Near-Field and Compact Range Measurements. A must have for anyone involved in anechoic range measurements.
And a glowing endorsement from esteemed colleague Dr. Israel Garcia-Ruiz:
When I first read Dr. Rodriguez’s book index, I immediately realized that Vince put in the book everything needed by any engineer and technologist devoted to measurements on anechoic chambers, from the basics that allow them to have a firm basis on electromagnetic phenomena to very practical knowledge and experience needed to design of that kind of measurement facilities.

I went thru the chapters to get a grasp of their content and could realize how Dr. Rodriguez put special effort in explaining everything in the easiest possible way while keeping the rigorous approach deserved by any good engineering book.

As a metrologist specialized in high accuracy RF measurements for areas like antennae and electromagnetic fields, I made a special stop at the sections of the chapters where errors and measurement uncertainties are addressed. I could rapidly realize that even though not all sources of error and uncertainty contributions are exhaustively covered (as it is not the main purpose of the book), Dr. Rodriguez presents in a very descriptive way some of the most important sources and their treatment. Errors induced by the absorber reflectivity, errors induced by the antenna radiation pattern, errors from the positioning equipment and last, but not least, errors from the quality of the site, are carefully addressed in the chapter and represent an excellent tool for metrologists wanting to perform this kind of analysis for these and related measurement systems.

I have known Dr. Rodriguez since long ago, attended several of his technical presentations, have had some discussions with him on anechoic chambers and sites for high accuracy antenna and electromagnetic fields measurements and after reading his book I can envision this work as something resembling a distillation column. It can be seen as the result or the fine product of a process that once started on data, then went to a stage where useful information had to be extracted, then to a stage where it became and produced good knowledge about the electromagnetic phenomena and their applications and, finally, and why not, deep wisdom on this field.

I truly believe that this book will soon become in a must and an essential consulting material in the engineering school libraries as well as part of the stuff of engineers and technologists devoted to testing and measurements in anechoic sites of equipment, components or systems.

My special thanks and recognition to Dr. Vince Rodriguez for providing the electromagnetic measurements guild with this such an important and useful tool for making better and more reliable measurements. I surely recommend this high quality material.

Dr Israel Garcia-Ruiz, Director for the Metrology in Radiofrequencies Area at the National Center for Metrology, CENAM, Querétaro, México

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