How and Why We Write with D.V. Giri

Artech House author, D.V. Giri, who, along with Richard Hoad and Frank Sabath, wrote High-Power Electromagnetic Effects on Electronic Systems, gave us insight about the bookwriting process:

All civilized societies depend on electronic systems working smoothly for activities such as power distribution, banking, aviation, healthcare and transportation. We cannot imagine life without electrical power for extended periods of time. Yet major electrical and electronic systems are vulnerable to known and unknown interfering electromagnetic environments. This book, first of its kind, begins to address these effects in a comprehensive way.

I jumped on the idea of writing a book when I was approached by Artech. It was important for me to include two of my renowned colleagues Richard Hoad and Frank Sabath in this endeavor. They both are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with significant contributions by way of published papers and conference presentations.

Another highlight of this book is an apt Foreword by our colleague Dr. William Graham. I was thrilled when he agreed to support us. He has Chaired a US Congressional Committee on Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse as a major Threat.

He was Acting Administrator of NASA and Science Advisor to President Reagan.

Of course, no book can be the last word on any subject and I and my coauthors look forward to continue our learning and improving this book in a future edition.

We live in strange times with Covid 19 and I an grateful to Artech for their diligence, guidance and focus on publishing this book.

The biological threat of Covid 19 that entire humanity is experiencing had no effect on Artech’s scheduled publication of our book.

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