Problem Solving 101 with Kazuhiro Mochizuki

At Artech House, we ask our authors what problems their books can help readers solve. In this series, we share what our authors aim to do in their writing. Read on to find out what Kazuhiro Mochizuki, who wrote Vertical GaN and SiC Power Devices had to say:

What are some problems your book can help readers solve?

  • Theoretically understand the difference between vertical and lateral power-semiconductor devices but would like to compare their performances based on reported results.
  • Teaches the basics of GaN p-n junctions, including photon recycling; but do not find any books on that topic.
  • Explains how to develop GaN and SiC Schottky barrier diodes; extract the effective Richardson constant A* from measured current-voltage characteristics; find A* more than an order of magnitude smaller than the theoretical value; and do not understand why.
  • Explores basics of epitaxial growth mechanism to develop the process of next-generation all-epitaxial devices, such as GaN and SiC superjunction devices; but do not find any appropriate textbooks.
  • Presents design edge terminations; but find no books describing edge terminations for GaN power devices and a few books describing edge terminations for SiC power devices.

Please name the audiences at which this book is aimed. How will this audience use your book?

Practicing engineers in the power electronics: They would use my book as a reference for Industry developing new GaN or SiC power devices.

Professors and graduate students: They would use my book as a textbook for a power device course.

Managers at all levels: They would use my book to make a long-term plan for businesses related to power electronics.

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