Steli Loznen: the Importance of Electrical Product Compliance and Safety Engineering

Steli Loznen and Constantin Bolintineanu are back with a follow up to their 2017 book with Artech House, Electrical Product Compliance and Safety Engineering. Talking about the motivation behind the new edition, Loznen said, “My colleague and friend, Constantin, and I, have been working in the field for more than 40 years and we feel there is a lack of unitary books that summarize in one place the relevant aspects of the new science of electrical product compliance and safety engineering.”


“Various authoritative texts, including general safety engineering literature, expressly designated product safety literature, and recommended product safety standards, are present for self-education in the field, spread in internet sources. Additionally, training sessions provided by consultants, private workshops, or by non-authorized education units are a compromise solution. This kind of education is incomplete and sometimes superficial, due to the absence of a unity in methodology and contents. Even with all of these resources, there is a limited number of resources available to engineering personnel to obtain education in the area of compliance and product safety.”


“While there are various sources of product compliance and safety educational programmes available to engineers, a comprehensive formal educational programme at university level is urgently needed. Some academic staff do not consider compliance engineering and product safety as examples of the leading-edge technology subjects that are desirable today, but this is a big mistake and misunderstanding. There seems to be a lack of long-term commitment to technical support. Unfortunately, this sad reality is due to the lack of knowledge in this field of those who have to approve such educational programmes.”


“We started to structure the book 20 years ago and the first volume (co-authored with Jan Swart), along with this new edition, are the results. We are now on our way to finalizing the structure of the last volume (3) of this series.”


Artech House publish technical books for an array of different levels of readership. Electrical Product Compliance and Safety Engineering- Volume 2, is intended for “compliance and safety professionals responsible for designing, implementing, managing testing, manufacturing and marketing electrical products. Most professional engineering associations point out that product compliance and safety is an issue of utmost importance in engineering practice and management. However, this is not enough, appropriate training should be conducted to ensure that those participating in product compliance and safety activities know their responsibility, and have the appropriate skills to properly carry out their contribution to product safety.”


“It needs to become an integral part of the engineering curriculum…in another hand, the books can be used as basic material for preparation of exams for certification of the professionals in the area of product compliance and safety.”


No major background in electrical and electronics engineering is required to understand this book, but a familiarity with the subject area helps! It will also be great for compliance and safety professionals looking to enhance their knowledge, maybe they have had no formal training, or are just looking to learn more from two field leaders.


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