The Power of Endorsements with Mervin Budge and Shawn German

Endorsements not only help readers get a better idea of what to expect from a book, but it strengthens our Artech House community in the spirit of collaboration. Read on to see what experts have to say about Mervin Budge and Shawn German’s latest book, Basic Radar Analysis, Second Edition:

The 1st edition of Basic Radar Analysis quickly established itself as a must have radar reference for both novice and advanced radar engineers. It is my go-to reference for my radar design and analysis. The 2nd edition covers even more radar topics to include CFAR Detection, AESA Basics, and Digital Pulsed Doppler Processing. Also, many of the discussions from the 1st edition are expanded and enhanced to include Stretch processing and NLFM waveform discussions.

Both books are divided into Chapters that are concisely written to allow quick reference to any specific radar topic. In addition, the flow of each Chapter one to another provides a classic progression through radar theory and analysis allowing it to be a fantastic graduate level radar text book. The extensive content would allow both an introduction to radar and an advanced radar course to be taught from the same book. Each Chapter has a set of problems designed to measure the mastery of the reader’s understanding of the material.

Dr. Budge’s 40+ years of radar experience in both industry (at Dynetics) and teaching in academia (University of Alabama Huntsville) provides a very unique and powerful perspective of radar theory with the mathematical rigor of his unparalleled academic experience. Shawn German’s 25 years of experience in radar testing and simulation provides additional insight into the book’s overall command of radar signal processing and algorithms. The MATLAB scripts included with the book are a must have for any radar engineer or student.

The new form factor of the 2nd edition combined with the updates beyond the 1st edition will undoubtedly allow this reference to become as popular and well received in both industry and academia as references from the likes of Barton and Skolnik.

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