The Book and Beyond with Adrian Cardalda-Garcia

Artech House author of Adrian Cardalda-Garci

Location Based Services, shortened LBS, are a fundamental part of cellular networks. In the 5G ecosystem, the applications of LBS are increasing exponentially, not only for smartphones, but also for autonomous driving, UAVs, the Industry 2.0, eHealth and a large number of industry verticals. With this promising future, one would expect to find information on location technologies everywhere, right? Well, it turns out that, when it comes to positioning in cellular networks, this is not the case. Talking with our colleagues and customers, we have realized that the number of experts in this field is limited. Even within 3GPP, the LBS is quite a small and closed community. For most people, how their mobile phone can locate itself so quickly and accurately probably sounds like magic. We are writing this book at the time of the worldwide pandemic Covid-19, which has unfortunately affected millions of people worldwide. LBS techniques incorporated into mobile phones are being used at this current time to inform people after they have been in proximity to other people with this disease. This goes to see the relevance of LBS in our digitally connected world.

There are not many books out there explaining how LBS works and this led us to ask the question; why we don’t write one?  We have been working in the field from many years and are now actively involved in the development and standardization of 5G positioning solutions. Therefore, we are in a very good position to try to help people understand how this positioning “magic” really works. From there on, everything went quite fast: we contacted Artech house, who were as well excited with the idea and we started to write. And now, many nights and weekends later, the book is completed.

However, this is just the beginning. LBS is a rapidly evolving field with demand for even more accurate positioning and new techniques being developed rapidly. We are setting up our own website,, where we will post news, examples, tutorials and much more to complement the information in the book. And we will be writing here more exciting new about LBS, how to achieve the cm-level positioning accuracy, positioning for autonomous driving, etc. Stay in touch if you want to know more!

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