The Importance of Feedback with Sundar Madihally

Authors often seek the advice of colleagues when writing. December author Sundar Madihally explains his own process:

I have read a few tips from some of the popular textbook authors.  For my first edition, that served as the guideline for the writing process.  Many example problems are generated when I teach the class, particularly addressing some students’ curiosity.  Many times, I come across articles when I review literature either for writing my research articles, reviewing a submitted article, or reviewing proposals.  I also solicit feedback from my students every time I teach and anyone who uses the book in their course.  For example, Dr. William Pitt at Brigham Young University used the book and constantly gave feedback from the first edition.  I am very much appreciative of his efforts in helping this new edition.  As they read the book, I would ask others to provide similar feedback so that we could have a comprehensive textbook that future generations can use.  If there are errors or other concepts, please send them to me.

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