In Your Own Words with Serge Borso

When Artech House authors write their books, we ask them what they want their readers to get out of the project. In this series, we show you what our authors, in their own words, wish to impart upon readers. Serge Borso, author of The Penetration Tester’s Guide to Web Applications, describes what his book is about:

The Penetration Testers Guide to Web Applications is focused on providing professionals and aspiring professionals with clear guidance on how to identify and exploit common web application vulnerabilities. This book takes a close look at the OWASP top ten and provides actionable and repeatable steps to understand the details of each flaw. Each of the top ten flaws is spoken to at length and includes real world dialog, detailed information, examples of how to exploit each flaw and a conclusion of each topic.

In addition to providing clear information and real examples, this book provides a means for purchasers to practice their skills by using the information in a hands-on lab. Each of the vulnerabilities discussed has a specific lab environment dedicated to the proper identification of the flaw, detailed information about the flaw and means to exploit the flaw to ensure a deep understanding.

The Penetration Testers Guide to Web Applications is a book aimed at cyber security professionals – people who are responsible for securing/testing web applications. This book focuses on offensive security; how to attack web applications. This book also goes into depth for each of the OWASP top ten vulnerabilities, specifically how to identify and exploit each weakness. There are examples of how to break into user accounts, how to breach systems, how to configure and wielding penetration testing tools and more. The book is written to be easily understood and clear to follow while taking an in-depth approach to the subject material.

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