Efficacy Value and Emotional Value with Geoff Varrall

A special thanks to author Geoff Varrall for his monthly blog post on a positive thought to start the year:

Efficiency Value and Emotional Value

As technical writers we are expected to write about how science, technology, engineering and maths make products and services more efficient.

Marketing and sales teams rely on steady improvements in performance to help make older products obsolete and to make industrial and business processes work better.

Consumer products also benefit from being more efficient but in general we buy consumer products and consumer services for their emotional value, with efficiency as a secondary motivation. Longer battery life in a smart phone is one example.

This explains why some markets develop faster than others. In this month’s technology posting, 5G IOT, we explore why the market for machine to machine connectivity has consistently failed to meet expectations. Mankind is emotional, machines are not.

We might complain about social media and the intrusion of smart phones on privacy but smart phones help us to relate to one another and to the analogue world around us in ways that would have been hard to imagine a few years ago. During the pandemic, smart phones have enabled us to be alone but not lonely.

Smart phones have also created a trillion dollar industry with a value chain that is crucially dependent on engineering and technology skills.

Luckily this means that technical writing is still an essential skill.

A positive thought to start to what we hope will be a positive New Year.

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