The Importance of Endorsements with David Cruickshank

Artech House is the pre-eminent publisher of technical books, and we are so happy our communities agree! Read on for an endorsement of David Cruickshank’s latest book,

Finally, at the threshold of 5G cellular communications and their promise of the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communication, self-driving cars, and faster-than-ever data, audio, and video communication, there is a complete text, written by an eminent expert in the industry, on the state of the art in full duplexing with respect to its physical implementation in transceivers.  The text, which is well organized, generously illustrated, and meticulously referenced, comprehensively covers the subject from its implementation in relays, access points, base stations, and cell phones to the fundamental challenges of suppressing self-interference and handling tight geometries, reflections, and absorption in mobile devices.  Also covered are massive multiple in, multiple out antennas and the propagation of microwave- and millimetric-frequency signals.  The text is especially timely because, as data rates and available spectrum are intertwined, there is a real possibility of the usable spectrum in some countries running out.  As the available spectrum diminishes, the next phase of 5G cellular systems will very likely rely on full duplexing to improve capacity.  Cellular transceiver and subsystem designers will find this book invaluable, as will designers of microwave and millimetric components and multifunctional modules.  University faculty involved with teaching radio-frequency engineering or microwave materials science will also find the contents useful.

Prof. Rick Ubic, PhD, MInstP, Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering, Boise State University

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