5G and Satellite Spectrum Standards and Scale – a new Race to Space? with Geoff Varrall

Barely a week goes past without another announcement of a another launch of communication satellites into space- Space X, the business started by Elon Musk of Tesla fame has just announced the successful launch of the fourth batch of  sixty satellites from Florida, OneWeb launched 34 satellites from the Russian Baikonur cosmodrome yesterday (6th February) and Jeff Bezos , the founder of Amazon, has similar ambitious plans for a  mega constellation to provide a new ultra-low cost global communication network .

 In 2015 these were just ambitions backed by filings to the FCC but it was clear that many of the technical and economic challenges of providing global low cost connectivity from space could be solved and that alone provided sufficient incentive to write a book about the evolving relationship of space based networks and terrestrial 5G.

 It can seem daunting to start writing a book about a large and complex subject . I have found the best approach is to write a monthly research note which is shared via LinkedIn. This has the advantage of building a contact base of people that you can talk to about what is really happening behind the marketing hype and helps keep your book visible to your target audience.

The research notes can be used for webinars and workshops and provide a basis for producing new editions of the book as and when required.


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