Introducing eBook Collections from Individual Users! Now available at Artech House!

Annual Subscription eBook Packages in Your Subject Areas
Now Priced for Individual Users Starting at $449 / £310!

The books you need for your projects are now available in one convenient place. Easy-to-use for finding essential facts, theorems, and practical examples in minutes, not hours.

Access your entire collection through one convenient portal
Read online or download to your device

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U.S., Canada, South America and Australia Customers
U.K., Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East Customers

Packages include:
Communications Network Engineering (includes 75 titles)
Mobile/Satellite Communications & GNSS (includes 114 titles)
Antennas & Electromagnetics (includes 65 titles)
Defense Engineering (includes 105 titles)
Computing & Security (includes 72 titles)
Microwave Engineering (includes 92 titles)
Power & Sensors (includes 67 titles)
Full Collection (includes all subjects and additional titles in related areas)

Packages include our most recent titles


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