Addressing COVID-19 with David Cruickshank

Today, Governor Coumo of New York State in his daily broadcast suggested that after the Corona Virus outbreak is finally resolved, that part of the solution to improving our response in the event of  new outbreak of a similar sort would be to greatly accelerate the adoption of tele-education in the event of school closures, and tele-medicine to cope with the stresses on the health system. Telemedicine has until now focused on remotely guided surgery, but self testing/diagnosis from the home could be done remotely via a family doctor or outpatient service, and better resource management could be done by M2M data from scarce equipment like ventilators. Working from home would also be facilitated by greater cellular capacity as more and more jobs move into that category to avoid office and even factory level human to human contact.

The question is then whether the proposed increased capacity from 5G would be sufficient to cope with such an accelerated demand with the same available spectrum. Currently, for 5G, we are using both extremes- 600MHz for example for coverage but limited capacity and millimeter waves for capacity but short range coverage only, because the spectrum in between is already largely occupied. By using full duplexing, it is possible to double the capacity from the same spectrum, and therefore may become a need faster than previously thought. This book covers the transceiver aspects of full duplexing, and if the accompanying multiple access issues can be solved, may be the best way forward.

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