The State of Bioengineering Today with Sundar Madihally

The second edition of Sundar Madihally’s book, Principles of Biomedical Engineering, available in December, discusses how timely the subject of biomedical engineering is today. Here are his thoughts on why it’s so important:

Every day you could see an advancement in the field helping improve the quality of life.  For example, developing glucose sensors that can be used by an individual at home has helped get immediate care while limiting the hospital visitation.  Such point of care devices and customized care for each patient are still in their infancy.  The more we understand the utilization of fundamental concepts in the sense of quantitative methodology, it will help get those devices to fruition much faster.  One has to have a sense of numerical values while building devices whether it is a contact lens or a prosthetic hand.  A recent trend has been using 3D printing technologies in developing customized devices.  One could see that there is a significant opportunity to customize devices to individual needs.  However, while developing those technologies one has to understand the fundamental requirements.  This has been the overall goal of the book.

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