Revolutionary 5G Innovations with Fabio Cavaliere and Antonio D’Errico

Fabio Cavaliere and Antonio D’Errico released their title, Photonic Applications for Radio Systems Networks, from Artech House. Keep reading to learn more about why they wrote this book, and how they hope the book will help to shape the future of 5G networks…

Why have the authors written the book?

The book is written to train a new generation of engineers within the undergoing process of innovation in 5G networks. Revolutionary innovation, affecting our ever day life, is already here, but the knowledge of that is not evenly distributed: new technology shifts in Telecommunications are leading to a higher importance of photonics to boost networks and system performance which is still not well known and recognized. The need to fill this gap led the authors to realise this contribution, and they found in writing this book a valuable opportunity to transfer their experience to younger generations eager to learn and apply new design paradigms.

What contribution does the book add to current literature?

The design of a modern radio access network requires know-how in both radio and optical technologies. Unfortunately, for historical reasons, the evolution of optical and radio technologies followed independent paths, having in common only basic background in communications engineering. Both the authors have a background in optical communications and photonic technologies but have the chance to work in a company leader in the research and development of mobile communication systems. When starting to address the issue of designing an optical transport network for 5G, they could experience personally the disorienting impact of interacting with colleagues speaking a different language and seeing things from a different perspective. After the first impact, the authors lived that experience as a new exciting challenge and a new learning opportunity, and this is first-hand experience they would like to transmit to the reader.

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