Exciting Enhancements in 5G with Amitav Mukherjee

Next-generation of wireless access technologies, such as the first phase of fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks and WiFi-6, are being rolled out this year on a world-wide basis. To me, this means the timing is perfect for a book that covers many of the exciting enhancements contained in these technologies, and what they mean for system designers.

My book, ‘5G New Radio: Beyond Mobile Broadband’ was conceived last year as an overview of the state of the art in upcoming 5G Phase 2 mobile networks that are expected to be deployed from 2021 onward. What makes 5G Phase 2 unique is that the applicability of this technology extends far beyond the conventional smartphone-based cellular ecosystem of today. For example, 5G can be deployed for vehicular communications between cars, satellite-based communications to underserved areas, and for ultra-reliable low-latency communications in a smart factory setting. The implications, challenges, and performance requirements of such new use cases are covered in the book. Since I regularly attend 3GPP standards meetings as a delegate, I was hopefully able to distill some of the thought processes behind 5G design decisions into the book.

I managed to finish writing the book in August this year with help from the editorial and production teams at Artech House. Another associated challenge was having a toddler at home during the process, so my gratitude goes to my wife and my in-laws for providing me with the time to work on this project. I look forward to discussing the book with readers and engaging in conversations about how 5G is going to evolve beyond Phase 2 in the coming years.

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