Python and MATLAB and Radar Engineering with Andy Harrison

Read below to find out what compelled October author Andy Harrison to write his book, Introduction to Radar Using Python and MATLAB:

When Artech House first approached me in July of 2017 about authoring a text for the radar series, I relished the opportunity. I reflect now, a little over two years later, as this project is coming to an end and realize the time and effort that was put forth and the help I received along the way. I have found that finishing a book is the most difficult part of the journey. At the beginning, it is easier to find the energy and motivation which wanes as the weeks and months pass. I would not have been able to finish this text without the love and support of my wife, Lacon.

As part of this endeavor, I wanted to include a practical, easy-to-use set of radar design and analysis tools. Python was chosen as it is widely used in scientific and numeric computing and is an excelling language for education. I then decided to extend these tools with the addition of a very interactive GUI. To this end, Qt was used via pyqt for its cross-platform performance and overall appeal. MATLAB scripts were later added as there are many professional engineers that use this product. It is my hope that readers find this text and software a valuable tool in their pursuit of radar engineering.

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