In Your Own Words with Cameron Coursey – Explore All Aspects of IoT

When Artech House authors write their books, we ask them what they want their readers to get out of the project. In this series, we show you what our authors, in their own words, wish to impart upon readers. Cameron Coursey, author of The Practitioner’s Guide to Cellular IoT, describes what his book is about:

The Global Phenomenon of Internet of Things Explained

The Internet of Things has grown from a niche market for machine-to-machine communication into a global phenomenon that is touching our lives daily. From connected cars to home security systems to beverage coolers to shipping containers to water meters to scooters to robots in factories, and everything in between, IoT is bringing greater efficiency, better insights, more reliable service, and higher quality experiences. As technologies continue to evolve, IoT will only become more central to our lives, until we will rely on it like we do electricity or air conditioning.

How 5G and Edge Computing Drive Use Cases

A thorough understanding of how the Internet of Things works is important for anyone wanting to enter the space as a developer, business manager, entrepreneur, or even user. The key aspects of IoT are covered in this book, including the anatomy of an IoT device and how it is connected to a backend system, the nuances of data extraction and keeping the data safe and secure, the role of the SIM card in cellular connected IoT devices, and how IoT devices are controlled. You’ll learn about low power wide area devices that will allow almost anything to be connected, how IoT devices are being connected around the world, and how 5G and edge computing will continue to drive new use cases. Overcoming the challenges of creating IoT applications and hardware is covered. Detailed examples of how IoT is being used in the spaces of industrial, consumer, transportation, robotics, and wearables are provided. The IoT industry is explained. Finally, the future of IoT is covered in light of technical, social, and economic advances.

The Disruptive Impact of the IoT

It has been said the thing that should keep a lot of CEOs awake at night is the disruptive impact of the Internet of Things and connected devices. This book will demystify IoT so that it is not a phenomenon to be feared, but one to be understood and harnessed for good.

All Key Aspects of IoT Explored

By now nearly everyone has heard of the Internet of Things. The definition is so broad that almost anything can be placed into the category of IoT. It has been said that anything drawing current can be better connected, but the definition of “things” extends to any object, no matter if it is powered or unpowered. The uses for IoT are as broad as the things connected. IoT can be used to track objects or people, report temperature or status of something, remotely control a simple light switch or a complex drone, unlock a car door from half a world away, send images from surveillance cameras, and deliver software updates to systems in a vehicle. IoT has permeated homes, offices, roadways, cities, stores, factories, farms, forests, and oceans around the world. IoT use cases can be found for every industry. Wherever energy needs to be managed, processes monitored, efficiencies gained, and things protected, you will find IoT. This book explores all the key aspects of using the cellular network to deliver IoT.

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