The Power of Endorsements with Jose Fernandez

At Artech House, we value a collaborative approach, from the initial stages of a book through publication. As such, we rely on experts in the field to let us know what they think about a finished product. Read on for an endorsement of Jose Fernandez’s book, Practical Model-Based Systems Engineering:

This book reflects the authors’ deep knowledge and practical experience in the field of Systems Engineering (SE). The first seven chapters describe in detail the first author’s ISE-PPOOA methodology. This approach is inspired by modern Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), but keeps also valuable tools from classical SE best practices. The main difference between this book and other MBSE manuals is its focus on the systems functional analysis as the core of the methodology. Although SysML is profusely used, one of the main advantages of the ISE-PPOOA approach is that it is language agnostic, so that any future change in the standards will not impact negatively or will change its structure.

Chapter 6 about heuristics in MBSE is a particularly clear and valuable example of the style of this book. Chapters 8, 9 and 10 are examples of application of ISE-PPOOA to three interesting real cases. The main purpose is clarity, without being trivial or excessively complex. It can be said that this goal is admirably accomplished.

However, this is not an introductory book about SE or MBSE. It is conceptually dense and some previous exposure to the subject is necessary in order to fully understand it and use it to its fullest potential. The last chapters provide some additional material and guide for future developments.

In brief, an excellent book with a particularly clear, detailed and structured approach to MBSE which will be useful to both academics working in MBSE methodology and practical systems engineers.

Juan Antonio Martínez Rojas
Profesor Titular del Departamento de Teoría de la Señal y Comunicaciones
Radiation and Sensing Group (Grupo de Radiación y Sensores)
Escuela Politécnica
Universidad de Alcalá

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