The Why with Habib F. Rashvand and Ali Abedi

Artech House authors Habib Rashvand and Ali Abedi let us know a bit more about why they wrote their book, Design Solutions for Wireless Sensor Networks in Extreme Environments, and what their writing process was:

What prompted you to write your book

Attending IEEE International Conference on Space and Extreme Environments for several years made us aware of many important challenges in practical use of wireless sensing technology in extreme environments. A large number of researchers and engineering practitioners are interested to get into this area, but not sure where to start. This book lays out the requirements and boundary conditions in extreme environments and presents recent advancements in this field. Multiple future directions are proposed, which helps the community to push the boundaries on practical use of wireless sensing in extreme environments even further.

A “behind the scenes” look at your writing process

Use of Wireless sensing for the Extreme Environments, headed by the space, is now set to bring new prime and unique rewarding industrial opportunities that apart very little sporadic cases never properly challenged before. The new challenges come with exploring such unknown and unchallenged missing technological development areas is an essential remedy for many hi-tech failing industries to survive the ever increasing economic upheaval that the world is facing today.

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