In Your Own Words with Mohammad Sharawi – Designing active integrated antennas for wireless communication devices

When Artech House authors write their books, we ask them what they want their readers to get out of the project. In this series, we show you what our authors, in their own words, wish to impart upon readers. Mohammad Sharawi, author of Design and Applications of Active Integrated Antennas, describes what his book is about:

Latest methods used when designing active integrated antennas (AIA)

The focus of this book is on the design and applications of Active Integrated Antenna (AIA) systems. The concept of an AIA will provide the system designer more features and enhanced performance when compared to conventional stand-alone connections between the front-end components (amplifier, filter, etc) and the antenna. Active integration and co-design between the active components (amplifier, oscillator, mixer, diodes) and the antenna can provide better power transfer, higher gains, increased efficiencies, switched beam patterns and smaller design footprints. These are all added values for using AIA co-design over the conventional sub-system designs of individual components.

Presenting design examples of AIA systems for NB and WB applications as well as for MIMO

AIA are expected to be used in future wireless terminals. This book presents the fundamental aspects of AIA and discusses in detail the various types of AIA, such as oscillator, amplifier, mixer, transceiver, frequency reconfigurable, on-chip and on package, as well as non-foster AIA covering various frequency bands and wireless standards. AIA applied to multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) front ends is presented with a complete co-design example. Then book presents a co-design procedure for AIA with detailed examples of narrowband and wideband designs. The book serves as a complete reference and design guide in the area of AIA with detailed examples and the use of several software packages (examples provided in an accompanying CD). A must have comprehensive title for practicing and research engineers.

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