The Story Behind the Story with Uri Vered

Artech House author Uri Vered let us know why he wrote his bestseller, Intersystem EMC Analysis, Interference, and Solutions:

Friends asked me, how did I come up with the idea of writing my book, so here is the story.

I am an EMC specialist, mainly performing EMC surveys for tens of years. While doing so, I was confronted with lack of information which I needed for my studies and simulations. Based on the famous proverb “necessity is the mother of invention”, I had to invent the solutions to the challenges.

Examples are:

  • How can I asses the antenna pattern in intercardinal angles when only cardinal data is available?
  • How can I calculate the probability of the frequency difference between two non-coordinated systems?
  • How can I predict the probability of interfering pulses to collide with interfered ones?
  • What is a representative path loss over irregular terrain when the only known parameter is frequency?

After establishing the equations and procedures solving such questions, I have documented them, for my future use.

The notes list grew over the years, up to a level where I asked myself: “Why shouldn’t I share my experience with the EMC community?”.

So I set down, combined my notes into a book and referred to Artech House with the idea of publishing the book, which they accepted.

For more information or to order, click here.

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