In Your Own Words with Y.J. Liu


When Artech House authors write their books, we ask them what they want their readers to get out of the project. In this series, we show you what our authors, in their own words, wish to impart upon readers. Y.J. Liu, author of Introduction to OFDM Receiver Design and Simulation, describes what his book is about:

The OFDM technology has wide applications in our daily life. For example, one popular application is the Wi-Fi used in TV, laptop. PC, camera and others. Another is the 4G LTE and the most recent 5G standard. The advanced concepts such as MIMO using spatial diversity to enhance signal quality and spatial multiplexing to increase throughput are the OFDM applications also. Even though there are many books published related to this subject, none of them are easily applicable to the undergraduate students and practicing engineers. The major problems are there are no detailed explanations and derivations to make the subject easy to follow especially for those without any previous access to OFDM technology.

This motivates the author to write this introductory book, Introduction to OFDM Receiver Design and Simulation, to lay the foundation for exploring a wide variety of other related subjects in the literature. If there are any future advances resulting from further research and developments, it will be easy to understand. Because of the introductory nature, the book is self-contained and there are no needs to reference other articles or books.  All the algorithms are derived in detail without omitting any intermediate steps and possible approximations and conditions leading to the final formula.  Another goal of this book is the easy implementation for practical applications. With that in mind, only the algorithms that is most promising from simulation study and easy implementation are selected.

Some errors found in the first edition were corrected and are listed in the Artech House website (  This book has high quality and usefulness for practical applications and the author is confident on your satisfaction after purchasing this book.


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