In Your Own Words with Ashish Arora

When Artech House authors write their books, we ask them what they want their readers to get out of the project. In this series, we show you what our authors, in their own words, wish to impart upon readers. Ashish Arora, author of Lithium-Ion Battery Failures in Consumer Electronics, describes what his book is about:

Lithium-ion cell failures in the field can occur due to a number of reasons and are well known as a cause of many high profile product recalls over the past several years.  A cell failure may result in a cell that can no longer be used (i.e. cannot be charged or discharged), a cell that experiences an accelerated degradation in capacity in the field or a cell that goes into thermal runaway.  Causes of Lithium-ion cell failures in the field can include issues with the design of the battery’s charger circuit, improper assembly of the battery packs or inadequate protection to the cells from foreseeable mechanical/thermal abuse in the field.

This book has been written to cater to system designers and anyone else that is looking to incorporate Li-ion batteries in their applications – especially for portable consumer electronic products.  The book will provide a detailed discussion of the various system considerations that must be addressed at the design stage to reduce the risk of failures in the field.  The book will also provide several examples demonstrating how poor design/assembly practices lead to failures in the field.  A unique aspect of this book is the inclusion of checklists that will readily allow a reader to evaluate their battery system designs and identify gaps in the designs that increase the risk of field failures.

The book is divided into chapters which address each subsystem of the overall Lithium-ion battery system.  Each chapter focuses on the design considerations and the consequences of poor designs and also provides readers of real world examples of commonly observed issues that can occur when developing battery systems for portable consumer electronic products.

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