Why You Need This Book: Introduction to OFDM Receiver Design and Simulation with Y.J. Liu

Recently, the OFDM technology has advanced significantly. It has found applications in 5G using concepts such as OFDM-MIMO, Massive MIMO and others. However, OFDM is still the fundamental building block of all these advanced applications. To help the readers get up to speed in stepping into the 5G era, this book entitled “Introduction to OFDM Receiver Design and Simulation” was published in 2019. Requiring only basic communications and algebra, this book starts with a single-carrier modulation before getting into the multi-carrier modulation and OFDM concepts. Subsequently, detailed coverage of scrambler using shift-register sequence, radio-wave propagation model, convolutional code, punctured convolutional code and interleaver are all discussed. It then guides the readers through the key OFDM receiver design topics in signal acquisition, channel estimation, channel tracking, hard and soft decision decoding, synchronization issues including DC bias, carrier frequency offset, sampling clock offset and IQ imbalance. At last, simulation results on how the OFDM performs in a multi-path channel are presented.

Essentially, this book has a comprehensive treatment of the topics in both traditional communications and OFDM receiver design. All the algorithms are derived in detail without omitting any intermediate steps. In addition, the approximations and conditions leading to the final formula are clearly outlined and these make easier for correct applications to real-time implementations. To support further the algorithm developments, simulation examples are provided to help in understanding the theory. The knowledge gained from this book definitely helps to design a wireless communication system based upon your own applications.

In the first edition, the errors and their corrections are posted on the Artech House website. The author has so much confidence on the quality and value of this book and can guarantee you will be satisfied after your purchase.

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