The Long Read with Geoff Varrall

The Long Read

Every so often we find ourselves embarking on a small piece of research that explodes into a major project.

This happened to me this month after a chance encounter with a neighbour who is a senior strategist for one of the oil majors.

We were talking about the electric car that sits on our front drive and our 7.5 kilowatt domestic charge point which took us to a discussion on the scaling problem faced by the electricity grid in the UK and internationally as we transition to a battery powered automotive future.

This lead to a debate about ammonia as an alternative fuel source to petrol and the role that the oil majors could play in delivering ammonia to the forecourt, part of a global plan to transition to a sub-zero rather than net zero carbon economy.

It just so happened that I also had in mind some research on negative emission networks in the telecommunications industry.

The result is captured in our longer than normal monthly blog which this month is called….Negative Emission Networks, a longer read for these dark winter nights in which we explore future options for green telecom and sub-zero carbon communication, phone calls that help clear the air.

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