Green Space – A New Green Deal? with Geoff Varrall

Writing about science, technology or engineering does not necessarily mean we can or should comment on contemporary politics but understanding political context is important if we want to understand how and why some technologies and the business plans behind them fail and some succeed.

Although most of us live and work in capitalist economies, R and D research is often underwritten by government agencies and politicians often determine the allocation of infrastructure investment which in turn has a direct and indirect impact on new technology adoption.

This month’s technology posting, Green Space, Can Space deliver a new Global Green Deal? debates the potential for a space enabled global New Deal as a mechanism for post pandemic economic recovery, referencing Franklin D Roosevelt’s Green Deal as a historical precedent.

A robust innovation process in launch technology, satellite technology and imaging, positioning and communication is driving investment in ‘New Space’. Mr Musk and Mr Bezos are enthusiastic space industry pioneers but are part of a broader reinvention of a sector traditionally dominated by a militarily focused supply chain now faced with the challenge of delivering systems and devices at consumer price points.

However the continuing and developing military importance of space means that politicians remain intimately interested in the industry and its ongoing regulation.

The space sector is therefore a fascinating mix of scientific, technology and engineering innovation delivered in the context of ongoing and sometimes disturbing military ambition.

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5G and Satellite Spectrum, Standards and Scale

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