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Artech House Series Editors are not only experts in their field, they have a big job. They suggest specific books for each series as well as prospective authors, assist in the procurement of books and authors, review book proposals, suggest reviewers for upcoming projects and advise on marketing and promotion of these books. Our Security and Privacy Series Editor, Rolf Oppliger, put together a website detailing what the series is and what it has to offer on a fantastic new website. Read on for more information:

Book Series on Information Security and Privacy

Artech House is a leading scientific publisher because of its ability to produce well-written, timely books that reflect current advances in engineering and computer technology. In this tradition, Artech House proudly presents its book series on information security and privacy (former computer security).

Aims and Scope

   “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”
– Albert Einstein

The aim of the series is to publish technical books on all aspects related to information security and privacy. The target audience includes researchers, instructors and graduate students in computer science or electrical engineering, technical managers, consultants, analysts, software developers, as well as computer and network practitioners who care about the security of the systems and networks they administer.

Book Titles


  1. Serge Borso, The Penetration Tester’s Guide to Web Applications, 978-1-63081-622-3, 2019, 280 pp.
  2. Ari Takanen, Jared D. DeMott, Charlie Miller, and Atte Kettunen, Fuzzing for Software Security Testing and Quality Assurance, Second Edition, 978-1-60807-850-9, 2018, 330 pp.
  3. Vincent C. Hu, David F. Ferraiolo, Ramaswamy Chandramouli, and D. Richard Kuhn, Attribute-Based Access Control, 978-1-63081-134-1, 2017, 280 pp.
  4. Ghassan O. Karame, and Elli Androulaki, Bitcoin and Blockchain Security, 978-1-63081-013-9, 2016, 240 pp.
  5. Rolf Oppliger, SSL and TLS: Theory and Practice, Second Edition, 978-1-60807-998-8, 2016, 304 pp.
  6. Edward Humphreys, Implementing the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS Standard, 978-1-60807-930-8, 2016, 224 pp.
  7. Stefan Katzenbeisser, and Fabien Petitcolas (Eds.), Information Hiding, 978-1-60807-928-5, 2015, approx. 312 pp.
  8. Flavio Lombardi, and Roberto Di Pietro, Security for Cloud Computing, 978-1-60807-989-6, 2015, 184 pp.
  9. Rolf Oppliger, Secure Messaging on the Internet, ISBN 978-1-60807-717-5, 2014, 282 pp.
  10. Stefan Rass, and Daniel Slamanig, Cryptography for Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing, ISBN 978-1-60807-575-1, 2013, 260 pp.
  11. C. Warren Axelrod, Engineering Safe and Secure Software Systems, ISBN 978-1-60807-472-3, 2012, 350 pp.
  12. Shimon K. Modi, Biometrics in Identity Management: Concepts to Applications, ISBN 978-1-60807-017-6, 2011, 296 pp.
  13. Rolf Oppliger, Contemporary Cryptography, Second Edition, ISBN 978-1-60807-145-6, 2011, 612 pp.
  14. Elisa Bertino, and Kenji Takahashi, Identity Management: Concepts, Technologies, and Systems, ISBN 978-1-60807-039-8, 2011, 194 pp.
  15. Rolf Oppliger, SSL and TLS: Theory and Practice, ISBN 978-1-59693-447-4, 2009, 284 pp.
  16. C. Warren Axelrod, Jennifer Bayuk, and Daniel Schutzer (Eds.), Enterprise Information Security and Privacy, ISBN 978-1-59693-190-9, 2009, 260 pp.
  17. Ari Takanen, Jared D. DeMott, and Charlie Miller, Fuzzing for Software Security Testing and Quality Assurance, ISBN 978-1-59693-214-2, 2008, 230 pp.
  18. Javier Lopez, Steven Furnell, Sokratis Katsikas, and Ahmed Patel (Eds.), Securing Information and Communication Systems: Principles, Technologies and Applications, ISBN 978-1-59693-228-9, 2008, 289 pp.
  19. Luther H. Martin, Introduction to Identity-Based Encryption, ISBN 978-1-59693-238-8, 2008, 254 pp.
  20. Edward J. Coyne and John M. Davis, Role Engineering for Enterprise Security Management, ISBN 978-1-59693-218-0, 2008, 224 pp.
  21. Edward Humphreys, Implementing the ISO/IEC 27000 Information Security Management System Standard, ISBN 978-1-59693-172-5, 2007, 290 pp.
  22. David F. Ferraiolo, D. Richard Kuhn, and Ramaswamy Chandramouli, Role-based Access Controls, Second Edition, ISBN 978-1-59693-113-8, 2007, 418 pp.
  23. Thomas Hardjono and Lakshminath R. Dondeti, Security in Wireless LANs und MANs, ISBN 978-1-58053-755-1, 2005, 266 pp.
  24. Rolf Oppliger, Contemporary Cryptography, ISBN 978-1-58053-642-4, 2005, 510 pp.
  25. Alexander W. Dent and Chris J. Mitchell, User’s Guide to Cryptography and Standards, ISBN 978-1-58053-530-4, 2005, 402 pp.
  26. Michael A. Caloyannides, Privacy Protection and Computer Forensics, Second Edition, ISBN 978-1-58053-830-5, 2004, 364 pp.
  27. C. Warren Axelrod, Outsourcing Information Security, ISBN 978-1-58053-531-1, 2004, 266 pp.
  28. Christian Gehrmann, Joakim Persson, and Ben Smeets, Bluetooth Security, ISBN 978-1-58053-504-5, 2004, 222 pp.
  29. Jose Nazario, Defense and Detection Strategies against Internet Worms, ISBN 978-1-58053-537-3, 2003, 318 pp.
  30. Michael Arnold, Martin Schmucker, and Stephen D. Wolthusen, Techniques and Applications of Digital Watermarking and Content Protection, ISBN 978-1-58053-111-5, 2003, 296 pp.
  31. Thomas Hardjono and Lakshminath R. Dondeti, Multicast and Group Security, ISBN 978-1-58053-342-3, 2003, 334 pp.
  32. David F. Ferraiolo, D. Richard Kuhn, and Ramaswamy Chandramouli, Role-based Access Controls, ISBN 978-1-58053-324-9, 2003, 338 pp.
  33. George Mohay, Alison Anderson, Byron Collie, Olivier de Vel, and Rodney D. McKemmish, Computer and Intrusion Forensics, ISBN 978-1-58053-369-0, 2003, 420 pp.
  34. Rolf Oppliger, Security Technologies for the World Wide Web, Second Edition, ISBN 978-1-58053-348-5, 2003, 444 pp.
  35. Cristian Radu, Implementing Electronic Card Payment Systems, ISBN 978-1-58053-305-8, 2003, 464 pp.
  36. Ulrich Lang and Rudolf Schreiner, Developing Secure Distributed Systems with CORBA, ISBN 978-1-58053-295-2, 2002, 332 pp.
  37. Thomas D. Tarman and Edward. L. Witzke, Implementing Security for ATM Networks, ISBN 978-1-58053-293-8, 2002, 318 pp.
  38. Rolf Oppliger, Internet and Intranet Security, Second Edition, ISBN 978-1-58053-166-5, 2002, 430 pp.
  39. Vesna Hassler, Mikhail Gordeev, Martin Manninger, Christoph Müller and Pedrick Moore, Java Card for E-Payment Applications, ISBN 978-1-58053-291-4, 2002, 382 pp.
  40. Michael A. Caloyannides, Computer Forensics and Privacy, ISBN 978-1-58053-283-9, 2001, 394 pp.
  41. Jianying Zhou, Non-repudiation in Electronic Commerce, ISBN 978-1-58053-247-1, 2001, 216 pp.
  42. Donal O’Mahony, Michael Peirce and Hitesh Tewari, Electronic Payment Systems for E-Commerce, Second Edition, ISBN 978-1-58053-268-6, 2001, 368 pp.
  43. Sheila Frankel, Demystifying the IPsec Puzzle, ISBN 978-1-58053-079-8, 2001, 296 pp.
  44. Rolf Oppliger, Secure Messaging with PGP and S/MIME, ISBN 978-1-58053-161-0, 2001, 332 pp.
  45. Vesna Hassler, Security Fundamentals for E-Commerce, ISBN 978-1-58053-108-5, 2001, 416 pp.
  46. Stefan Katzenbeisser and Fabien Petitcolas (Eds.), Information Hiding Techniques for Steganography and Digital Watermarking, ISBN 978-1-58053-035-4, 2000, 240 pp.
  47. Rolf Oppliger, Security Technologies for the World Wide Web, ISBN 978-1-58053-045-3, 2000, 444 pp.
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