The Importance of Creativity with Anil Pandey

What inspired me to write the book “Practical Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design”

In the spring of 2019, my book, “Practical Microstrip and Printed Antenna Design” has been published by a well-reputed publisher, Artech House and I am delighted. I have written this technical book based on my research in the area of RF, Microwave and antenna designs. I often get asked about my path to be a technical book author and I tell, I wrote this book because I have a passion for the subject I have written. In my professional career, I have always done research, design, and development on microstrip and printed antennas. A technical book will give you prominence in your area of work. My first memory of my decision was reading collection of my own technical research papers then telling myself I wanted to write a book one day based on my research work. Of all the things that have changed my life and my career, nothing comes close to my regular technical paper writing habit.

Creativity is an important element of any technical book. The way you present complicated technical information to readers, it should be an easy way. This probably sounds like a smooth trajectory on the surface, but it won’t surprise many to know that it has, in fact, been a long and unpredictable journey with a few significant factors along the way. As we all know, creativity doesn’t come overnight. You must work for it and work hard. It takes hustle, determination, and plenty of sleepless nights slaving away at your computer. One key being a good author is to always keep reading and learning latest technologies.

It’s the keystone habit that created a ripple effect into nearly every area of my work. It took me over three years to achieve my dream. Writing a book can be both an exciting and exhausting experience but it can help your career by giving you visibility, recognition from your community and set you apart as an achiever.

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