The Chicken and the Egg. Telecommunications and Electricity in Smart Grids with Alberto Sendin

Artech author Alberto Sendin gave us insight with regard to telecommunications and electricity in Smart Grids, read on for more:

There is probably no controversy on this matter when it comes to reviewing historical aspects of the early days of Electricity and Telecommunications. There are some that have even argued that Telecommunications were a ‘spin-off’ from Electricity.

Today, Telecommunications and Electricity have again re-grouped, and Smart Grids are a good example. The Grid needs Telecommunications as a component to become Smart.

But Telecommunications also need Electricity to work. Telecommunications need a reliable and pervasive supply of Electricity. This has been highlighted recently when discussing 5G, where the virtuous triangle of locations, fiber optic cables and electricity supply will be the necessary conditions to make 5G happen.

The focus of the media today is usually placed on trendy technologies, and not on existing and stable previous technologies. 5G has earned the pole position in the former group, and Electricity remains part of the latter, associated with a service all of us take for granted. Spectrum allocations for 5G have been, for example, focusing the attention. On the contrary, no one seems to pay much attention to the need of a reliable supply of energy for the millions of base stations and antennas that will be needed. The Telecommunications that are needed to produce a reliable and efficient supply of energy, are behind the scenes.

The time comes now to talk of the Smart Grids and the Telecommunications they need to support our latest and more fashionable Telecommunication technologies. Private spectrum, priority for critical electricity-related services and pervasive coverage, are the components needed for the Telecommunications that Smart Grids need to support all the needs our society has.

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