Helping to win the Electromagnetic Battle with Sue Robertson

Artech House author Sue Robertson let us know about her her career journey and the current climate of her field of study:

Traditional wars have been fought in the air, land and sea but now the electromagnetic (EM) domain has come to dominate the way in which battles are fought. The EM domain underpins and enables every battle decision and communication and impacts navigation systems as well as defensive and offensive actions. An understanding of the EM domain is therefore vital to all aspects of warfare – without EM dominance the war is lost before it is begun.  Effective surveillance of the EM environment is essential as the first stage in winning the EM battle. Electronic Support Measures (ESM) systems are the “eyes” of an EW system, producing a picture of the EM environment to facilitate Electronic Defence and Electronic Attack functions.

When I started my career working on ESM analysis there was no book to tell me how to determine whether an ESM system was producing a good picture of the EM environment. Over the years I have developed techniques for the analysis and visualisation of ESM data and have used simulations and models to explain the phenomena seen in recorded data.  I wrote “Practical ESM Analysis” to help others get involved in ESM analysis quickly – because this important discipline needs more specialists if we are to help to win the EM battle.

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