Why Biomedical Engineering Matters with Sundar Madihally

December author Sundar Madihally let us know why the field of bioengineering is so important in all aspects of life, wherever you go:

Biomedical Engineering is an interdisciplinary field that has a direct impact on every individual, whether they are using the device or providing care for others.  Biomedical engineering is contributing significantly to the quality of life with the development of numerous devices that many come across in their day-to-day life.  It is the melting pot of concepts from various engineering fields, science, and medicine.  Many introductory books are written by multiple authors or one author discussing one a part of biomedical engineering.  In general, there is a lack of comprehensive conceptual descriptions built on fundamental engineering sciences, and examples written in the same format that engineers with minimum background can understand.  There are two issues one has to consider: i) need to introduce the fundamental concept like other engineering disciplines; ii) provide examples where those concepts are used in designing a device or modeling the system.  During the birth of my first child, I was talking to the nursing staff about how oximeters work when they used it for monitoring, and what those displayed numbers mean.  They were very much appreciative of knowing the basics of the device and the interpretation of those values.  Many such discussions with my students and others, prompted me to write the textbook.  More students we prepare with the technical competency in engineering concepts, better it is for the humanity and the quality of healthcare.  The goal of this book is to provide such examples so that students/readers could think of using those concepts to build something new.  Innovating such devices will further help quality of life while minimizing healthcare costs.


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